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NYSPRA ANnounces ceso Senior strategist, julie thannum, APR, as conference keynote speaker

NYSPRA is excited to announce Julie Thannum, APR as our 2023 Spring Conference Keynote Speaker! Julie is a Senior Strategist for CESO Communications, Interim Executive Director for TSPRA, and National School Public Relations Association Past President.

Julie is Accredited in Public Relations and has 32+ years of experience in school communications. She has presented at state and national seminars on topics that include ethical leadership, crisis management, strategic communications and conflict resolution in addition to being a certified trainer for Crucial Conversations. She is the 2022 recipient of NSPRA's highest honor, the President's Award. During her three-decade career, Julie served in an advisory capacity to six Superintendents, three Interim Superintendents and nearly 40 different School Board members. In 2021 she resigned as an Assistant Superintendent for Board & Community Relations to accept a Senior Strategic Consultant’s position for CESO Communications (the Center for Effective School Operations) where she continues to provide PR counsel to school districts and leaders across the nation.

About the keynote session

Grace & Grit Under Fire: Growing Personally and Professionally as a School PR Leader

The work we do as communication professionals has evolved and changed through the years. As the nation grows more polarized and political interest groups fight for power, public educators often find themselves in the middle of a partisan battle for control over public education. It takes a lot of grace and grit just to stay the course, but the work we do to promote learning for all students is as important now as ever before. Finding work-life balance as a servant leader can sometimes take back seat to the pressures and responsibilities that come with serving your school district and community in a 24/7 environment. This session will take a look at the changing role and pace of school communications, the challenges facing today's school PR professionals and important tips for staying poised and purposeful while you are being refined by fire. Keynote speaker Julie Thannum knows what it's like to give until you feel depleted but in this session she will share tips for staying focused on the things that matter most in your quest to finish the race.

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